Pioneer Venus View of Venus – 1982

Description: This is a silent animation of mapped ultraviolet images (365 nm) obtained by the Pioneer Venus Orbiter Cloud Photopolarimeter (OCPP) instrument from a orbit (105 degree inclination, 24 hour period with an eccentricity of 0.86) over several weeks. The images are shown as a latitude-longitude map and also in polar stereographic projection. Typically only four images were obtained in each orbit, excluding the peariapsis portion when the orbiter moved too fast relative to Venus and range too short to capture the planet’s image using the spin-scan technique.

Credits: Images were processed at University of Wisconsin, Madison during 1980-1982 under a NASA Grant. Image data was provided by Dr. Larry D. Travis (NASA/GISS), Principal Investigator for the OCPP instrument. Original animation was recorded on analog U-matic cassettes. Shown here is the digitized version from the archive cassettes.

Pioneer Venus Orbiter