2010 VEXAG International Workshop

Venus, Our Closest Earth-like Planet:
From Surface to Thermosphere - How does it Work?

Madison, Wisconsin, USA | 30 August - 2 September 2010


The daily program will be published after the extended abstracts are received.

Adams, Jordan VORTEX: A Mission Concept Study To Venus College of Charleston
Baek, Minjin Hydrocarbons and Organics on Venus: Where Are They Now? University of Michigan
Balint, Tibor Venus Aerial Mobility Concepts: In the Clouds & Near the Surface Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Barstow, Joanna Venus Cloud Properties from Venus Express VIRTIS Observations University of Oxford
Belyaev, Denis SO2 observations above Venus' clouds by SPICAV/SOIR CNRS
Benfield, Michael Venus Orbiter Recon and Tandem Environmental Xploration University of Alabama - Huntsville
Bhatt, Bhuwan Venus observations with 2-M HCT, Hanle-Ladakh Indian Institute of Astrophysics
Bougher, Stephen Dynamics, O2 Nightglow, and Ion-Neutral Chemistry of the Venus Upper Atmosphere: Interpretation of Venus Express Datasets Using the VTGCM University of Michigan
Brecht, Amanda Modeling Night Airglow Emissions and the Variability University of Michigan
Bullock, Mark Visualizing the surface of Venus Southwest Research Institute
Covey, Curt Atmospheric structure and dynamics Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Drossart, Pierre The VIRTIS Experiment on ESA/Venus Express: Investigations from Surface to Thermosphere Observatoire de Paris
Esposito, Larry SAGE: A proposed New Frontiers Mission to Land on Venus University of Colorado
Fedorova, Anna Water vapour in the Venusian atmosphere with SPICAV IR/VEX Space Research Institute (IKi)
Ghail, Richard The Case for InSAR at Venus Imperial College London
Glaze, Lori Role of volcanism in atmospheric evolution NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Grinspoon, David Coupled Surface-Atmosphere Evolution of Venus Denver Museum of Nature & Science
Hansen, Vicki Equilibrium resurfacing of Venus is possible: Results from new Monte Carlo modeling and implications for Venus surface histories University of Minnesota - Duluth
Helbert, Jörn The near-infrared emissivity of the Venus surface: Observations by Venus Express and MESSENGER and a new program of high-temperature laboratory measurements DLR - Institute for Planetary Research
Höink, Tobias Pace of tectonic modes on Venus and Earth and atmospheric Argon Rice University
Hoshino, Naoya Effects of atmospheric waves on the O2-1.27 um nightglow distribution in Venus Tohoku University
Imamura, Takeshi Science plan of Japanese Venus orbiter, Akatsuki Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
Johnson, Natasha Venus Pressure Chamber: A Small Testing Facility for the Community NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Krasnopolsky, Vladimir Spatially-Resolved High-Resolution Spectroscopy of Venus: Variations of CO2, CO, HF, HCl, HDO, OCS, and SO2 at the cloud tops, OH and O2 Nightglow Catholic University of America
Models of Atmospheric Composition and Chemistry on Venus
Lebonnois, Sebastien The super-rotation mechanism based on Global Circulation Model simulations LMD / CNRS / UPMC
Limaye, Sanjay VMC Observations of Atmospheric Circulation Results from Venus Express SSEC
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Lorenz, Ralph A Search for Lightning signatures in Pioneer Venus Gamma Ray Data JHU Applied Physics Laboratory
Markiewicz, Wojciech 1500 earth days around Venus, imaging with Venus Monitoring Camera on Venus Express Max Planck Institute for Solar System Studies
McGouldrick, Kevin Observing the Clouds of Venus from the Ultraviolet to the Infrared University of Colorado
Molaverdikhani, Karan Abundance and Vertical Distribution of the Unknown Absorber from analysis of VMC images University of Colorado
Montmessin, Franck Clouds of Venus: comparison with other terrestrial planets CNRS Service d'Aéronomie
Nakamura, Masato Venus Climate Orbiter AKATSUKI Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency / ISAS
Noack, Lena Coupling the Atmosphere with the Interior Dynamics: Implications for the Resurfacing of Venus German Aerospace Center
Ogohara, Kazunori Automated cloud tracking system for the AKATSUKI Venus climate orbiter data Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency / ISAS
Orth, Christopher Lithospheric thickness and evolution of volcanism Washington University - St. Louis
Parish, Helen Simulations of Multi-year Periodicities with a Venus Atmosphere GCM University of California Los Angeles
Parkinson, Christopher Photochemical Distribution of Venusian Sulphur and Halogen Species University of Michigan
Rozoff, Christopher Global Variations in The Lithospheric Thickness on Venus: Implications for The Evolution of Volcanism SSEC University of Wisconsin - Madison
Sandor, Brad Dynamics of the Venus Lower Thermosphere Space Science Institute
Schubert, Gerald Venus Rotation University of California - Los Angeles
Singh, Upendra Doppler Lidar for Wind Measurements on Venus NASA Langley Research Center
Smit, Jan The atmospheric disturbances of the Chicxulub impact: lessons for Venus? Vrie University
Smrekar, Sue Venus Hotspot Activity and Constraints on Convection (+ resurfacing) Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Soret, Lauriane The Venus oxygen nightglow and density distributions Université de Liège
Sornig, Manuela Investigations of Dynamics and Temperatures in the Venusian Upper Atmosphere by Infrared Heterodyne Spectroscopy University of Cologne
Stoddard, Paul Topographic Comparisons of Uplift Features on Venus and Earth: Implications for Venus Tectonics Northern Illinois University
Stofan, Ellen Themis Regio, Venus: Emissivity Signatures in VIRTIS-Venus Express Data Proxemy Research
Svedhem Håkan Venes Express Mission European Space Agency
Takagi, Masahiro Dynamical modeling of the Venus atmosphere with a new radiation model University of Tokyo
Taylor, Fredric Venus III: The Atmosphere, Climate, Surface, Interior and Near-Space Environment of an Earth-like Planet Oxford University
Treiman, Allan The Calcite-Quartz- Wollastonite-CO2 “Buffer” of Venus’ Atmosphere, with Implications for Other Planets Lunar and Planetary Institute
Tsang, Constantine Airborne observations of Venus: Past, Present and Future Southwest Research Institute
Vats, Hari IMF near Planets and solar rotation Physical Research Laboratory
Widemann, Thomas Venus Science from Earth-Based Observations: present and future Paris Observatory
Wilson, Colin Update on European Venus Explorer mission studies Oxford University
Yamamoto, Masaru Development of Venus GCM toward the AKATSUKI mission Kyushu University
Young, Eliot Correlations between VMC and 2.3 micron ground-based cloud tracking wind field estimates Southwest Research Intitute
Zasova, Ludmilla Venera-D: the future Russian mission to Venus Space Research Institute RAS

Last Update: September 20, 2010