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Denver Scientist On Venus' Climate Lessons

[ Dec. 14 2007 | Colorado Public Radio] The Denver Museum of Nature and Science's astrobiology curator, David Grinspoon, moonlights as a member of Venus Express, a European mission to Venus. He speaks with Ryan Warner about recent findings published in the journal Nature.

Venus Express Mission Featured in Nature Podcast

[ Nov. 29 2007 | Nature] Venus Express Project Scientist, Håkan Svedhem, talks about the Venus Express mission overview and some early results (interview starts from 7:07). [ Transcript ]

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Venus Revealed

Venus Revealed

  • Presenter: David Grinspoon
  • Format: audio + slideshow
  • Length: 00:46:35
  • Number of slides: 40
  • Note: orignally presented in 2006 DPS Solar System Seminar

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