Student Opportunity

Extended Learning Class at Fort Atkinson, WI

Presentation Topic: Weather on the Planets

Here are some thanks you notes from the students participated in the classes:

2011 Summer Student Science Research Laboratory

During the summer of 2011, the UW-Madison Space Science and Engineering Center hosted five high school students from New Glarus, WI. The students, ranging in age from 14 to 18, joined SSEC's team of Venus Experts, including Drs. Sanjay Limaye and Kevin Baines to conduct their own analysis of the European Space Agency's Venus Express data. The ten week summer program includes an introductory overview of historic Venus Space flight missions, as well as an emphasis of the relevance of current Venus climate research and the possible implications for earth's future climate. During the 2nd week, students focused on applying their mathematics skills, including geometry and trigonometry to track Venus clouds using several basic VEX data sets. By week four, all five students successfully "graduated" to using MCIDAS for the tracking and analysis of their own selected VEX cloud data. A presentation of their work is planned for the 9th VEXAG Meeting and Venus Science Conference to be held at the Hazy Center, Smithsonian Air & Space Museum in August 2011.

This opportunity was made possible through a NASA Grant. Additional support in the design and teaching of the project were provided by Rosalyn Pertzborn and Hsuan-Yun Pi. The SSEC Venus team also wishes to extend a special thanks to Dr. Jon Joseph, of New Glarus High School, whose outstanding commitment to his students has made this exceptional educational opportunity a reality.

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