Venus Express E/PO Event Details

Event Name: Summer High School Research Project
Event Description: 5 high school students from New Glarus, WI conducted data analysis on Venus winds. Introductory overview of Venus atmospheric science and mathematics were given by Dr. Limaye. Students then provided with printed cloud images from Venus Express mission and practiced tracking clouds manually. Next students moved onto McIDAS, a computer program that enables the acquiring of larger set of wind vector data for statistical analysis. Their findings validated earlier studies on Venus wind vectors.
Event Web Page (if provided):
Event Date(s): 1 Jun 2011 -- 4 Aug 2011
Primary Presenter: Dr. Sanjay Limaye , Scientist
SSEC at UW-Madison
Other Presenters:
Hsuan-Yun Pi
Rosalyn Pertzborn
Event Type: Workshop
Event Location: Madison, Wisconsin USA
Facility Where Event Occurred:
Activity Title: Measure Winding on Venus
Activities Types: Lecture, Demonstration, Group Discussion, Hands-On, McIDAS
Areas Covered in Activities: Science, Math
Mission Materials Distributed: Fact Sheets, Lesson Plans, Journal Articles
Number of People in Audience: 5
Type of Audience: Students  (Grade:9-12)
Sponsored by: SSEC
Contact Person at Sponsor: Sanjay Limaye

Last Update: June 2, 2011