Venus Express E/PO Event Details

Event Name: VEXAG Public Event in conjuction with the International Conference on Venus
Event Description: Prof. Jan Smit gave a lecture on the Chixclub Impact as the opening lecture in a series of three talks featured in "Impacts, Planetary Climates and Venus: What can they teach us about Earth?" organized in conjunction with the VEXAG sponsored conference on Venus and an Educator workshop on STEM.
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Event Date(s): 31 Aug 2010 -- 31 Aug 2010
Primary Presenter: Dr. Jan Smit , Scientist
VU University Amsterdam
Other Presenters:
Event Type: Presentation
Event Location: Madison, Wisconsin USA
Facility Where Event Occurred:
Activity Title: VEXAG Sponsored Public Event: Impacts, Planetary Climates and Venus
Activities Types: Lecture
Areas Covered in Activities: Science, Math, Engineering
Mission Materials Distributed:
Number of People in Audience: 600
Type of Audience: General Public
Sponsored by: Office of Space Science Education, Space Science and Eng. Center, UW-Madison
Contact Person at Sponsor: Rosalyn A. Pertzborn
1225 West Dayton Street, Madison, Wisconsin 53706
1 608 265 4160

Last Update: June 2, 2011