Venus Express E/PO Event Details

Event Name: New Testament School Career Workshop
Event Description: Weather and Climate on Earth and Venus. An overview presentation followed by a question and answer session. Additional hands-on "Venus Cloud Tracking" workshop conducted for students (21) and teachers (3).
Event Web Page (if provided):
Event Date(s): 22 May 2010 -- 22 May 2010
Primary Presenter: Rosalyn Pertzborn , Outreach Specialist
Other Presenters: Hsuan-Yun Pi
Event Type: Workshop
Event Location: Milwaukee, WI USA
Facility Where Event Occurred:
Activity Title: Weather and Climate on Earth and Venus
Activities Types: Lecture, Demonstration, Group Discussion, Audience Q/A, Hands-On
Areas Covered in Activities: Science, Math, Technology
Mission Materials Distributed: Posters/Postcards, Lithographs, Pamphlets
Number of People in Audience: 25
Type of Audience: Students  (Grade:Grade 6 - 11)
Sponsored by: New Testament Church and Cooperating Schools
Contact Person at Sponsor: Lenise Norris, Curriculum Coordinator

Last Update: June 2, 2011